Gay Male Sex With Damien Crosse

The plot of part two of the gay male sex serie “Retribution” practically works out the following way: plot, flashback, sex, returning to the plot. From Drill My Hole comes the second part of this engaging new series, which features Damien Crosse once again appearing as the main character. This time around, Damien is matched upagainst Travis James. If you saw part one of “Retribution,” you may remember that there are some guys who are out for revenge, and right at the conclusion of part one, Travis suddenly appears out of nowhere. As part two begins, we pick up on Damien chasing Travis (or is it vice versa?) into the forest. Finally, the two men catch up with one another and we finally learn exactly what it is that may be driving the desire for revenge in Damien; however, we won’t spoil the story for you since we know you will want to watch what happens for yourself.

After the introduction comes another flashback, in which we see Damien and Travis remembering how their lives were before they decided to split up. We again see them chasing one another before catching each other in a rather passionate fashion. Travis starts to go down on Damien, sucking Damien’s nuts as Damien’s cock begins getting hard in the process. Travis then begins sucking Damien’s cock, which stands hard and proud among his trimmed blonde pubes. Echoes of their hot encounter begin emanating throughout the forest as the two men switch places with one another.

Damien Crosse then begins sucking on Travis’s hard 8-inch monster cock. The oral portion of the scene goes on just long enough to make the viewer horny, giving us the instinct to reach our hands down our pants at the same time. Before too long, the scene moves inside, where we see Travis rimming Damien’s hot hole, spreading Damien’s ass cheeks and pointing his tongue directly towards his target. Travis’s skills cause Damien to moan in ecstacy. Then, the time comes for some hot anal action.

The scene then goes hardcore with a long, good, and noisy anal screwing session, ending with two great, awesome, and equally noisy cumshots. However, just as quickly, the scene goes right back to the present day, where we see Damien and Travis kissing again after wrapping up going over their memory. They begin kissing once again; however, they are unaware that they are being watched by a mysterious third man, who looks to be none too happy… check out more gay male sex at

Brock Armstrong and Kirk Cummings in Hot Jocks Nice Cocks

Kirk Cummings happens to be dreaming about the morning he is able to merge into the soccer team however continues to be jammed just as the ‘towel boy’ nearly all season. Brock feels horrible for him and will be offering his help however only if Kirk helps him out first!.

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Kirk Cummings Fucking Brody Wilde hard

Brody Wilde’s sweetheart got sick, so he contacts his gay office to call in sick following a evening of heavy drinking and snacking on crap and moping together with Zeb Atlas. Early in the day, his work partner Kirk Cummings stops by as he requirements him in order to be at his position, and also the company is becoming prepared can his sorry ass if he does not show up the next day. But Brody does not care anymore, he is too grief over his crushed romantic life to take into account his business life. Kirk concoct an excellent, great way in order to inspire him : sex! Workmates becomes fuck pals after both blow and also screw each others’ hard cocks!

Kirk Cummings and Trevor Knight fucking

Kirk Cummings could be excellent fanatic and a germaphobe, so because a servicing man Trevor Knight goes into his condo to inform him that they are doing a bit of service outside his quarters, he goes all distraught once the messy worker touches all things within his home. When worker Trevor finds out of Kirk’s phobia, he starts testing him to see how much he can make him squirm … and he even pulls out his huge cock. Kirk is nervous about coming in contact with things, but not when it’s a large, hard hot cock waiting to be sucked and fucked.

Zeb Atlas having sex with Kirk Cummings

At last!!!!! A new scene with Kirk Cummings from Kirk is truly damn amazed as he sees his most recent muscle stud neighbor Zeb Atlas in the building. And this evening Johnny Rapid is coming over, but right now is all about Zeb. Taking a guess that Zeb is truly an super early riser, crafting Kirk arranges a scheme to interupt his sleep with high volume of heavy metal music – all part of the ideal tactic to have Zeb to drill his twinky ass. Kirk can not wait to get his hands on the perfect body of Atlas.

Luke Hass with Kirk Cummings

I’ve forever had a secrect love to my yogo instructor Luke Hass and so in order to bring myself closer to him I paid for him to go my own house for a secret lesson. Blithely he concorded and after only a couple of mins of his body rubbing up against mine I was so horny I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I brought in my move and began petting him and surprisingly he kissed me back even more stormily…begin!

Kirk Cummings gets to have sex with Alexsander Freitas

This is an older episode from the adult paysite Str8 to Gay. Released on the Oct 29th 2011 , it has Alexsander Freitas fucks Kirk Cummings hard in his ass. And as always Kirk likes it very much. They find eachother at the restroom at the local bar. Kirk can not help looking at the hot cock of Alexsander while he is taking a piss. And so the fucking begin!

Brock Armstrong and Kirk Cummings

Kirk Cummings has been dreaming of the day he can join the local football team in college but sadly he has been stuck as ‘towel boy’ this season aswell. Brock Armstrong feels really bad for him and offers to help but only if Kirk can help him first.So Brock makes Kirk a offer he can not refuse

Hairy stud Arpad Miklos fucks Kirk Cummings

Hairy stud Arpad Miklos are a really hard working man looking for a fast brief release at the local str8 strip club, unluckily for him the fresh talent on the stage this evening are terrible tonight and most of the clients have went away already as a effect. Kirk Cummings acts at the strip club as a janitor and can not believe how badly this new talent are, he recognises that he can arrange a appearance ten-times more skillful if granted one chance and gets his ass up on stage with the pole. Arpad was ready to leave as well but Kirk are actually putting on a pole show – something inside Arpad makes him stay… maybe it’s his monumental erection he has trying to hide out in his knickers, and now he is getting really horny by watching Cummings going up and down on the stage

I’m a Married Man with Kurk Cummings

Kurt Wild has been experiencing the same unusual dream again and again recently. He determines to call in his dream therapist, Kirk Cummings , to puzzle out what is going the hell is going on with him. In Kurt’s dream he awakens covered in gay cum but he was not with his married woman or even a adult female; he was with his best admirer. Kirk believes it is Kurt’s subconscious mind attempting to tell him to do have sexual activity with another man. And its here Kirk offers his help