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Pitching The Tent with Kirk Cummings and AJ Monroe

Kirk Cummings and AJ Monroe have just now finished their final exams and to celebrate that event they are hiking close to the local forests seeking a fine camping spot to break loose from it all. A proper spot are eventually establish however AJ hasn’t brought one single thing that Cummings has asked him to […]

Gay Instinct with John Magnum and Kirk Cummings

John Magnum questions Kirk Cummings basic instinct style in this episode from Drill My Hole called “Gay Instinct”. One of the best episode of Cummings getting his ass fucked hard Click Here To Play Video Sample Click Here To Download Full Episode In HD

Tyler Saint and Kirk Cummings in “The Wrestling Challenge”

Kirk Cummings is a awful wrestler, as a matter of fact he does not even really enjoy wrestling, so why would Krik bring together the local school wrestling team? Cummings signed on to the hunk wrestling team right after he found out that the practice involved a famous Tyler Saint manhandling him while bearing sweating […]