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Brock Armstrong and Kirk Cummings

Kirk Cummings has been dreaming of the day he can join the local football team in college but sadly he has been stuck as ‘towel boy’ this season aswell. Brock Armstrong feels really bad for him and offers to help but only if Kirk can help him first.So Brock makes Kirk a offer he can […]

Hairy stud Arpad Miklos fucks Kirk Cummings

Hairy stud Arpad Miklos are a really hard working man looking for a fast brief release at the local str8 strip club, unluckily for him the fresh talent on the stage this evening are terrible tonight and most of the clients have went away already as a effect. Kirk Cummings acts at the strip club […]

I’m a Married Man with Kurk Cummings

Kurt Wild has been experiencing the same unusual dream again and again recently. He determines to call in his dream therapist, Kirk Cummings , to puzzle out what is going the hell is going on with him. In Kurt’s dream he awakens covered in gay cum but he was not with his married woman or […]