Hairy stud Arpad Miklos fucks Kirk Cummings

Hairy stud Arpad Miklos are a really hard working man looking for a fast brief release at the local str8 strip club, unluckily for him the fresh talent on the stage this evening are terrible tonight and most of the clients have went away already as a effect. Kirk Cummings acts at the strip club as a janitor and can not believe how badly this new talent are, he recognises that he can arrange a appearance ten-times more skillful if granted one chance and gets his ass up on stage with the pole. Arpad was ready to leave as well but Kirk are actually putting on a pole show – something inside Arpad makes him stay… maybe it’s his monumental erection he has trying to hide out in his knickers, and now he is getting really horny by watching Cummings going up and down on the stage
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